Architectural Design

AID building solutions provide a unique architectural balance between interior and exterior design, creating optimized spaces with minimalist structure modifications, maximizing comfort, natural daylight input and ventilation enhancement.

AID building solutions provide a wide array of choices, depending on several factors such as local building laws, ground and property constraints, client needs and eclectic taste, as well as budget and choice of material.

AID building solutions aims to empower the living space, through modern technology, for all kind of purpose, whether private, commercial, or public.

AID building solutions expertise: Hotel & SPA, Residential building, Villa, Commercial Tower, Palace and Loft, Duplex and more.

AID building designs are compliant with European standards, International standards and Seismic Codes.

Interior Design

AID International expertise develops appropriate solutions for clients’ requirements within the volume and space, with the proper combination of interior design elements that include structural and raw materials, forms, light, colors, void and furniture.

AID International creates unique living environment that helps its client achieve his goal of comfort and pleasure as well as complying to regular standards, condition and criteria of safety and aesthetics.

AID International communicates with their clients to understand their needs, requirements, budget condition and particular demands.

From the concept design phase, until the implementation phase, AID International is relentless in providing a unique solution tailored to the client’s expectations. The time allocated depends on the requirements and the chosen budget. 2D drawings, 2D paintings and 3D photo-like views are processed in order to help visualizing the space and ease the process of decision making.

Structure & Electromechanical Design

AID International teams up with preeminent civil and mechanical engineer partners, in order to create viable solutions suitable with all construction phases’ constraints.

AID International’s goal is to provide its clients with top quality engineering services. Thus, we combine our team extensive skills in educational, religious, commercial, hospitality, residential complexes and industrial facilities with a constant communication process throughout the multiple phases of the project.

This teamwork approach proved to be the finest in serving the best interest of the client, by optimizing time and project management. It also proved to be very efficient on the cost effective “design to implementation” conversion.

Materials Procurement & Distribution

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