About us

AID International is a design and contracting company.

Our wide array of construction solutions provides a unique architectural balance between interior and exterior design, creating optimized living and working spaces, maximizing comfort and aesthetics. 

AID International building solutions aim to empower the space through modern technology for all kind of purposes, whether private, commercial, or public.

AID International building solutions rely on a wise choice of architectural elements that combines artistic creation with advanced technical proficiency, in order to provide the best solution to the client's requirements.

AID International's expertise encompasses the following domains: designing hotels & spas, residential and commercial buildings, villas, towers, palaces and duplexes, private homes and apartments, religious buildings, renovating old houses, and much more.

AID International's comprehensive services include project concept, detailed design, design management, legal permits, owner representation, construction management and supervision.

Our clients are national and international companies, developers, municipal agencies, religious institutions, and private people who trust our expertise, our knowledge, and our attention to details, in order to grant the best personalized space to their requests.

Our portfolio

Our values

Our ethical code ensures that all constructions meet environmental, safety, structural, zoning and aesthetics standards.

AID International's' building designs are compliant with European standards, International standards and Seismic Codes.

Architect Profile

AID International was founded in 2013 by Antoine HARB.

Antoine HARB is a highly-experienced architect with over 30 years experience conducting corporate and residential projects in Lebanon, Spain, France, and KSA.

Ever since 2006, Antoine HARB has worked as project manager in European and Saudi International companies. In 2010, he partnered with a Saudi construction company. Then, in 2013, he decided to open his own company in Lebanon, with affiliates in KSA and Spain.

Throughout the course of his career, Antoine HARB acquired excellent knowledge of relevant procedures of Design and Building projects, as well as traditional procurement and international management and building processes.

Antoine HARB is a member of both Lebanese and Saudi Arabian architects and engineers orders.

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